What is "Designer Access"?

Our Designer Access is an additional layer of service we offer to our *Luxury DIY clients who would like us to purchase high quality furnishings from our trusted vendors on their behalf, while also managing the tracking, shipment, delivery and installation of the products in their home. To qualify for this additional layer of service, you must have a furnishings budget of $6000 or more.

Take our Luxury DIY package one step further and let us help you through the purchasing experience.

Is the "Designer Access" package right for me?

  • I prefer a mix of both retail and “to the trade” furnishings.

  • I want access to unique furniture pieces that are not from “big box” stores.

  • I don’t want my home to look like everyone else.

  • I want high quality furnishings for my home that will stand the test of time.

  • My furnishing budget exceeds $6,000.

  • I could handle an "Install Day" on my own, where the delivery company bring everything all at once and I show them where to put it.

If you answered yes to these questions above and your budget is over $6000, this Designer Access package is a great fit for you!

*The Designer Access service is only available to clients who purchase our Luxury DIY Design Package

What to Expect from our "Designer Access" package

  • We'll create an itemized invoice for the furnishings you wish to purchase from the Luxury DIY Design Plan.

  • Upon payment, our team will order, procure, track and receive the furnishings and accessories on your behalf

  • We'll hold all of the items for the space until everything has arrived to our warehouse.

  • Our team will coordinate an "Install Day" with you where all the furnishings will be delivered and placed in your home according to the Luxury DIY Design Plan.

Take our Luxury DIY package one step further with this incredibly valuable package! After the furnishings arrive, use our Design Plan as inspiration to style and complete the space on your own.