Our Demi-Design Service is perfect for those who want to update a room or two with retail furnishings, while giving you timely in person access to a designer without a longer-term commitment. We start by looking at your interests then via a proven process provide you with specific actionable steps that you can follow-up on as time and finances allow.

How It Works:

  • Phase 1: Preparation- Before our first session we will have you fill out our Life-Style Questionnaire and send us your inspiration photos as well as photos of the space(s) to be designed. This will help us learn about your needs and determine your design aesthetic.

  • Phase 2: Site Visit- With the foundation for our time together in place, we join you in your home for a few hours of creativity, insight and exploration. The process we use guarantees we get a great result every time while the outcome is tailored to each client's goals. During our session we will review your Life-Stlye Questionnaire, inspiration photos, and discuss your budget and timeline. We’ll walk through the area together, generating ideas on which items must stay, those that can go, and “holes” in the overall concept that once filled will create a holistic well integrated design.

  • Phase 3:  Design Package Delivery - Once our time together is complete, we head back to our studio and get to work on your project. Using the ideas and suggestions from our session we create your design package tailored to your specific needs. In 1 week you will receive an implementation package in electronic format. When our time is complete you will have received:

  • “In-person” interaction with a designer

  • Notes documenting what was discussed

  • A Visual Design Concept

  • A procurement list of items specifically designed to enhance the quality of the space we reviewed

  • Amanda’s preferred list of shops where you can acquire your items online

  • Insider tips on how to stay on top of the process of acquiring your new items

If you’d like to learn more about our Demi-Design process please contact us