I am not an Interior Designer, I am an "Architect of Authenticity"™

Amanda Carol Eck


Architect of Authenticity

I value authenticity.  I believe we are all unique and special; no two of us are alike.  We live in a world that is always trying to put us in a box, place us in a category, make us more like “them” or like “that”.   What if we were allowed to fully be ourselves?  What if we were emboldened to be our true self? When the layers upon layers of the “worlds mold” is pulled away, what’s left is something precious, something of value, something so unique and beautiful, that it causes others to stand up and take notice.  When you tap into yourself so deeply it manifest in every aspect of your life.  Your home, your clothing, the places you travel, the people you surround yourself with, even down to the car you drive.  So what does that look like?  Only you can answer that for yourself, but do you even know how?  My passion, my mission, my purpose in life, is to help you find “you”.  When you are truly living your authentic self, it is manifested in every aspect of your life, especially your home.




Luxury Full Service Package

Our Full Service Design Package provides you unfettered, in-person access to Amanda and her team. A true turn-key experience. We plan and manage all aspects of your project from start to finish. If you like the attention to detail and style of design that you see in our Portfolio, this is the perfect package for you.


Luxury DIY Design Package

Our Luxury DIY Design Package will provide you with every detail you need to achieve the same level of magazine-worthy design that you see in our Portfolio. However the difference is you will have the intention of executing the furniture purchasing, installation, project management and styling on your own.


Basic DIY design package

Our Basic DIY Design Package provides you a retail- only design plan for you to pull together a beautiful and cohesive space on your own. This package allows you to enter into a "light" version of our exclusive Luxury DIY Design Package. Our Basic DIY package is also perfect for clients outside our local area.

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2-Hour Power Session

Our 2-Hour Power Session Package is for for clients who aren't currently looking to purchase a design package with us. Or just need a couple of hours of professional help.

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